A paranormal team made of a group of investigators searching for answers for our clients. We are not out to prove anything to skeptics. Our job is to get answers for the clients. The rest is to each owns perception.

Meet The Team

Gwen Clapper- Founder,investigator, clairvoyant, sensitive. Gwen has had the ability to speak with the dead since a young age. Keeping her abilities to herself until recent years, she has been validated on several occassions.

Gene Clapper- CoFounder, investigator, tech, researcher. Gene is a healthy skeptic. Although he claims no special abilities/gifts, his sensitivity is getting stronger with each investigation. He had some unexplained experiences as a child that has continued his curiosity into the Paranormal.

Chris Loper- Investigator, tech, researcher. Chris has had unexplained occurances that has happened to him. Being an active combat Veteran, this has hightened his senses into the "uknown" that is among us.

Alyssa Luckett- Tarot, investigator, sensitive, clairvoyant in training. Alyssa has had numerous experiences as a child with what can only be explained as Paranormal. From visions to apparitions, she has dealt with it in her young age. She is currently working on her clairvoyance skills.