Blog of BPI from the desk of Gwen

Jan. 15, 2018

  As time has passed and the team gains more experience and adventures to share, I can't help but notice, some things never change. Our passion for honesty, finding pieces of the puzzle, learning, sharing, giving the voice that is desperately needed. Our mission has remained the same which is why I think we have earned the reputation that we have. #ParaHonest. Yes, it IS that simple. If that means we're not the "most popular" with millions of followers/views, we're ok with that. If NOT being fake and over dramatic with findings is a turn off, then we are happy to not have those qualities as we do not wish to attract such following. 

  Make no mistake, recognition for our efforts and hard work is nice, but we will not pay for nor demand for such attention. We appreciate our followers the way they are, free willing wanting to follow without dissimulation, or exaggeration of findings of the investigating team. Self thinkers who enjoy conversation and learning and knowing there's no "Right" or "One" way of communicating with the departed. To learn and share experiences making others aware they are not alone in their curiosity, experiences, or feelings. 

  "Giving the Dead a Voice and the Living Closure" our motto from day one. Should I ever discover that we have lost sight of this, I shall be the FIRST to disband my team.

                                                                  -Gwen C.